About Us

Nutri Smart is a company with many years of successful practice in production and distribution of nutritional supplements. Based on our rich experience, including as exclusive representatives of Bulgaria for the world brands Real Pharm and Eric Favre, in 2020 our team decided to launch a completely new line of fitness supplements, this time under our own name and brand.

All products of the Nutri Smart series have a maximally minimalistic and clean packaging design and an essentials-focused description, which includes the most important information you need to know about the intake and benefits of the supplements. Without loud advertisements and empty words, we purposefully invest 100% of our budget solely and only in the quality of the raw materials we work with, so that our customers can get the best end product at the most affordable price.

To begin with, we start with the "scaffolding" of any successful fitness/bodybuilding supplement regimen - amino acids, glutamine, creatine, bcaa, protein and gainer. We believe that a focus in the right direction is a more successful model for working than breaking apart on many fronts. It applies to training as well as to the market launch of effective nutritional supplements.

We are glad that you have chosen us as your partners in the pursuit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Best Regards,

The team of "NutriSmart" EOOD Bulgaria